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The Biomedical Image Analysis group was established in early 2007. We are working on the development of new methods and software for computer-assisted diagnosis based on recent imaging technologies. Last years we've been intensively using Convolutional Neural Networks, GANs, and some other Deep Learning techniques. The group has close links to medical research centers and hospitals in Belarus as well as long-lasting collaboration with similar groups in Europe, USA, and China.

The Team

Vassili Kovalev

PhD, Leading Researcher

Tel (Mobile): +375-29-1-999-77-0
ResearchGate Google Scholar

Eduard Snezhko

PhD, Head of the group

Tel (Mobile): +375-29-274-04-89
ResearchGate GitHub ORCID

Dzmitry Paulenka

MSc, Leading Software Engineer

Skype: dmitri.pavlenko

Akhmedkhan Radzhabov

PhD student

Skype: b5004244

Tatsiana Mitskevich



Aleksandra Kosareva

PhD student

Skype: kosarevaalexandra

Dzmitry Karpenka



Our work

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